Ted Federici provides counsel and leadership guidance to help you strategically manage the expectations of stockholders, boards, customers, employees, financial markets, government and the media.

Federici Coaching brings a unique group of experienced people together to assist in areas such as Personal Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Financial Oversight, Management Assessment and Succession, and Organization Development.

The Core Program

Essentials of Leadership
Managing Public & Government Relations
Organization Development
Managing Human Capital
Personal Growth

Ted Federici has a distinguished career having served in top-level positions both nationally and internationally. These positions include: Officer-New York Telephone where he managed external affairs, advertising, corporate contributions and media relations. As COO of The March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, Federici helped to change the foundation’s mission while improving the financial health of the organization. In the position of Senior Vice President-Americast, Federici was responsible for the integration of operations for this Disney-former Bell Telephone companies’ foray into the marriage of content and conduit.

As President- RusTelCom of Russia, he was appointed by a venture capitalist group to create a start-up television/telephone company using wireless technologies in the city of Moscow. And finally, as President of the West 57th Group, Federici coaches and advises the leadership of companies and foundations worldwide. He holds an MBA from Pace University in the City of New York.

Developing People and organizations are hallmarks of his career and continue to distinguish his approach.